Interior House Painting

Attention to Detail

Not only is it important to have a quality paint job, but to make sure all of your furniture is kept clean and safe while doing it. We make sure to cover all the floors and furniture, remove all switch plates and outlet covers, and make sure to patch and putty any small holes. When it comes to the exterior there is no lack of preparation either, we make sure all surfaces are clean and smooth before painting, prime all areas, and then apply 2 coats of finish.

Once the job is done we make sure everything is the way you left it with all garbage and cans removed, outlet covers and switchplates re-applied, floors swept and vaccumed.

Here is a list of the ways we keep a clean job:


• Cover all furniture and floors
• Remove all switch plates and outlet covers
• Sand all areas to be painted
• Patch any holes / damage
• Replace caulking on trim
• Putty any nail holes on trim

Here is a list of services included in a quality paint job:

• Minor Drywall Repair
• Minor Ceiling Repair
• Minor Carpentry
• Wall Paper Removal
• Trim Caulked
• Tub and Vanity Caulked
• Kitchen Counters Caulked
• Custom Colour Matching & Colours
• Custom / Accent Walls

Clean Up

• All empty cans removed
• All garbage removed
• All switch plates and outlet covers applied
• Floors swept and vacuumed